That was three years ago, when I left my career in food service sales to start Magical Headdress. At the time, I just did what came naturally: creating dress-up pieces for playtime with my five-year-old daughter. Unfortunately, most manufacturers at the time pressed out poorly made products by the truck-load that couldn’t stand up to child’s enthusiasm. I made it my mission to offer children and parents the best playtime experience possible.

Now, in the midst of an 11 billion dollar Make Believe market, I’ve found a great surge in customers, like yourself, yearning for high quality, well crafted merchandise. At Magical Headdress, we strive to develop products that are creative and fun, while at the same time, both safe and durable. We continue to use the highest quality materials and we’re proud to offer you some of the most unique and artistic dress-up available today. While still priced competitively, all products are handcrafted by moms, just like myself, with all the love and caring your child’s imagination deserves.

I’ve enjoyed building my dream every step of the way and will continue to do so long into the happily ever after. Thank you for visiting Magical Headdress and please come back regularly as we update our website.

Have a Magical Day,

Bonnie Policow, Founder

May 2002

Stoughton, Massachusetts


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